Sunday, November 11, 2012


With newspapers on the decline, there's no need for a big PR firm to help you publish your content - you can do it yourself.  It's easy, more efficient, and cuts down on costs, so why not?  Here are 3 tips on self-publishing that can help you generate more revenue:

1. Be forward
It is important to be direct with your content.  With the many distractions that are occurring day-to-day, it's a wonder if we can just focus on one thing.  Be direct by just getting to the point, and leaving the "fluff" for another time and place.

2. Pull Marketing
What strategies are you using to self publish?  Push marketing was soooo yesterday, and people aren't intrigued by that anymore.  If you want to grab your audience's attention, you are going to need to pull them in.  Having your audience opt-in for their information will have them asking for more.

3. Write Everyday
To perfect your content, you have to write - each day.  This will make you a better thinker, and a better writer.  Writing everyday teaches us how to work with words in print to construct a meaningful message.  Overall, your writing should support your marketing and sales.

These simple steps will help perfect your craft of self-publishing, while also generating more revenue.  As you create more content, keep this in mind: "What have you done with what you've been given?"

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